Cheerleading Fundraisers

Would school events ever be the same without cheerleaders cheering us on? Win or lose, every school has vivacious and optimistic cheerleaders to stand by them. They lift our spirits with laughter and song and keep everyone in a good mood. What would we do without cheerleaders? To keep cheerleading an active part of the school circular, funds have to be raised to help meet expenses like uniforms, travel, etc.

Apart from typical fundraising events like car washes and bake sales, there are some very unique opportunities for cheerleaders to raise funds for their squads. Any cheerleader would be thrilled to receive a CheerStix Cheer Bear. The darling bear wears a uniform that is a replica of the school’s team colors. Not only do cheerleaders love them, but also friends and family love to receive and give them as gifts. A percentage of the proceeds go to the cheerleaders. The more bears sold, the more money made.

Other great ideas include designing a cookbook with recipes donated by students, teachers, family and friends. Cookbooks can be sold at all school events. Local bookstores would also be good distribution points. Promise to include the bookstore’s name and logo in the cookbook as a sponsor. The team can hold a raffle with several items up for grab. Ask local shops to donate the winning prizes. Carnivals offer a variety of fundraising opportunities with admission fee; bake sale and game booths among them.

If your squad has a website use it! You can publicize your fundraising events, as well as sell items on your site. Just be sure to be specific about what you are sellingFeature Articles, and what the money will be used for.